The Institute for Youth Work Gauting (Institut für Jugendarbeit Gauting) was looking for a partner for the implementation, support and expansion of their digital course activities. The IFJ Gauting now uses our LMS Moodle application service and our video conferencing platform based on BigBlueButton for their seminar activities. As a result, IFJ Gauting can successfully offer approximately 1,400 users in 100 courses the digital components of their face-to-face training.

Modern design and efficient support

IFJ Gauting uses both our LMS Moodle application and extended support. Together, we have further developed the LMS so that it has a responsive design to provide excellent user experience on both desktop and mobile devices. In addition, we have set up an internal Moodle support structure with which the participants and trainers can quickly and easily direct their inquiries to the support team. This solution allows IFJ to offer optimal digital support to its participants and trainers.

Finding quick solutions: Setup of video conferencing solution BigBlueButton during the COVID pandemic

Like many other training institutes, the IFJ Gauting had to find a quick solution in order to maintain its teaching activities. With our video conferencing tool, we were able to provide a stable and data protection-compliant solution in a very short time, which could be seamlessly integrated into the institute's existing Moodle system.

Intensive use of video conferencing

Over 1,000 sessions were held on the platform over an eight-month period amounting to a total time of 1,300 hours. Thus, the IFJ Gauting remained able to continue its seminar operations without interruption.

Our institute offers further education and training and has been pursuing the strategic goal of expanding our core brand and face-to-face courses through contemporary and professional digital offers. Think Modular is a competent and reliable partner who attends to the design of our Moodle platform.
Since 2020, with the help of the experience of the think modular team, we have been able to expand our competencies for online seminars and conferences, which run excellently via Big Blue Button and have enabled us to maintain our offer to the greatest possible extent even during the pandemic. Always having competent and easily accessible support from think modular is worth its weight in gold! 

Dr. Ralph Neuberth, Lecturer at the Institute for Youth Work (focus on Management & Leadership)

The Client: The Institute for Youth Work in Gauting offers training, both in-person and virtually.

IfJ Gauting

The Task: Application service for LMS Moodle and Video conference platform BigBlueButton including Design, Branding, Support and Training.

Implementation Period: 2019 ongoing