Digital Collaboration

Christian Zange • 22 June 2021

Digital Collaboration

Our key topics are learning and knowledge exchange. Both topics do not only happen in formal learning environments, such as certified courses or trainings. Professional exchanges in international networks through virtual collaboration, regardless of time and place, are very important aspects of learning and knowledge acquisition. We de facto even assume that a significant part of learning takes place in precisely such informal settings. Digital solutions can provide a good basis for professional networks and cross-departmental, organisational, and cross-border collaboration.

Knowledge and competence acquisition are usually just one of a variety of goals. Other goals include the establishment of networks, communication and exchange, joint development of ideas, innovation, projects and problem solving, etc.

Some examples are:

  • Social Enterprise Networks
  • Digital Events und Conferences
  • Professional networks
  • Knowledge Management Platforms

Networking and Conferencing Platforms

Platforms for networking and collaboration help to enable communication and exchange, maintain contacts and relationships, implement events, develop ideas and much more.

These include:

  • Event Platforms
  • Digital calendar and appointment management
  • Video Conferencing systems
  • Customer Relationship Management Systems (CRM)
  • Content Management Systems (CMS)
  • Social Network
  • Virtual Communities
  • Wikis, Forums, Blogs
  • Chat, Messenger
  • Surveys, polls, ratings
  • File sharing

We see a very close connection between the topics of E-Learning, digital networks and collaboration. Communities or professional networks are often a continuation of a training component (alumni, etc.). In addition, many courses benefit from a high degree of participant interaction and are therefore rather collaborative in nature.

Of importance to us here is also to map the process and sensibly manage participant data and customer relationship management within the framework of the GDPR.

User-centric, strategic and innovative

We help organisations develop customised networking and collaboration platforms. A digital platform is almost always a central component. We consider the entire toolbox and advise on the selection of appropriate tools. We help integrate these both into the organisational processes and technically into the platform. Our aim is to provide innovative, user-friendly, and secure solutions. For sustainability reasons we rely on open-source technology and see ourselves as part of a large developer community.

Organisational processes are an important keyword. A platform as a technical solution does not produce good e-learning solutions. Instead, it is the quality of events and the community management that are decisive. In addition, login processes and contact management must be mapped sensibly. All this is done with the help of clever technologies, but also requires organisational development and rethinking your own way of working.

This organisational development also comes to nothing if a strategic perspective is missing. What do we even want to achieve with a networking platform, who is the target group, and what additional value - what net product can be achieved at different levels and in what way? What is the business model? After all, design, branding, and marketing are also a central topic.

Our Proposal

We see ourselves as a partner for the implementation of digital networks and collaboration:

  • Strategic consulting and conception: What is the goal and how will we achieve it? What are the requirements and needs of the target group? Which business model can be applied? How is additional value possible?
  • Development and implementation of the platforms and tools for e-learning: We rely on proven technologies (Drupal, BigBlueButton etc.), and develop standardised modules and plugins to expand these technologies for you.
  • Training: We help you become independent and maintain your own collaboration platform, develop networks, and conduct digital events.
  • SaaS Hosting: You can host our solutions yourself although our customers are happy to use our secure SaaS hosting in the think modular cloud (location in the EU / Germany).