About us

We translate digitalization in meaningful results for your purpose, project or organization.

We read about digitalization every day; whether it is at work or in our spare time. It changes our environment, our jobs, and even our own habits.

Many potentials are offered as a result of digitalization. Organizations profit by ...

  • optimization of their own internal operations (e-learning, digital processes, digital project management, virtual collaboration),
  • data-based control- and decision processes (big data. data analytics, business intelligence),
  • new interfaces to customers (digital marketing, networks, platforms) and
  • new services and products (e-commerce, disruptive products).

We help you to leverage these potentials and to translate digitalization in a meaningful result for you.

People are key when it comes to digitalization; Digital technology first and foremost has to assist people in their daily business and in the daily life. This way a successful digital transformation can take place in organizations.

The wheel can’t be reinvented, but it can be improved. Our work is based on tested technologies and innovative methods. With many years of experience in digital technology, consulting and implementation of digital solutions we refine and adapt technologies and methods to overcome today's and tomorrow's challenges. Our solutions are being developed in close contact with our customers. From start to finish.

We work with national and international companies, NGOs, international organizations, universities and administrative bodies. Additionally, we operate in different and often intercultural contexts, bring people, technology and science together. Our experiences benefit every single customer.

We do not listen to anybody but you! We do not depend on specific technical products. This allows us to focus on your needs in consulting and implementation. We work with different technical frameworks; open source solutions are also being used by our customers.