JO!Study - gaining customers through improved product knowledge

Gerald Henzinger • 12 June 2021


"The more knowledge people have about the application, the more likely they are to understand the importance of a quality tool."

JOKARI-Krampe GmbH has recognized this additional value and together we developed the JO!STUDY platform. In various learning units, the platform imparts electrical engineering knowledge around the practical application of JOKARI-Krampe GmbH products. In this way, interested parties get a comprehensive picture and almost in passing get to know the products of JOKARI and are convinced of their quality.

The dual JO!STUDY Concept: Learning and Informing

The platform is divided into two areas. JO!STUDY provides formal e-learning courses on stripping cables and wires. JO!WIKI is a collection of small interactive learning bites that can easily be shared on various digital channels.

For customers and employees

The principle of JO!STUDY and JO!WIKI is also aimed at companies that want to bring additional value of their products not only closer to customers but also to prospective employees through concrete application examples.

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Client: JOKARI-Krampe GmbH

Our Task: Conception, development, and application operation of the platform.

Jokari-Krampe GmbH