Learning, Exchange and Knowledge platform in one product

Christian Zange • 23 June 2021

Learning, Exchange and Knowledge platform in one product

Your infrastructure for learning, collaboration, knowledge, and event management. Our virtual platform offers an attractive and user-friendly learning environment, which is the basis for all your virtual learning, exchange, and knowledge processes. Through our projects, we have learned that the following three components are necessary for successful learning and knowledge work:

  • E-learning or course modules for formal learning (trainings, courses, seminars, etc.)
  • Collaboration and exchange spaces (networks, conferences, workshops, dialogues, etc.)
  • Digital archives and knowledge bases (wikis, digital library, intranet, etc.)

We combine the three essential pillars of learning, exchange, and knowledge into a full-fledged overall solution in which you do not have to make any compromises.


Our platform is tailor-made for you and offers an integrated learning world:

  • Video conferences incl. Simultaneous translation function (see meet modular)
  • E-learning solution (learning paths, embedding of all common media and interactive elements [SCORM, H5P, videos, HTML, etc.], quizzes, tasks, assessment, and certification). Moodle is available as a fully integrated module for complex requirements. For simpler needs, we work with a minimalist course module.
  • Solution for virtual collaboration, conferences, and workshops (event management, collaboration tools, collaborative editing, whiteboards, etc.)
  • Solution for knowledge management (institutional archive, library, wiki, keywording and categorisation, search in documents and meta data, media processing [OCR and image conversion], etc.). We provide you with a fully integrated archive solution (Islandora) for complex requirements.
  • Integrated form editor (data collection, registration processes, feedback, surveys, etc.)
  • Flexible mapping of your processes around the topics of learning, exchange, and knowledge management (life cycle, event management, registration, and application processes)
  • Flexible authorisation management (based on groups and roles)
  • Connection to Microsoft ™ Azure Active Directory / SAP™, HR systems and databases
  • E-commerce connection (e.g., for the sale of courses and participation in conferences)
  • Integration and connection of CRM systems

Our Proposal

Our solution provides an optimal basis for your project:

  • Learning portals, learning worlds
  • Event and conference platforms
  • Community Platforms
  • Knowledge platforms, Intranet, Extranet
  • E-learning platforms for internal training
  • Academy portals with commercial offer (courses, conferences)
  • etc.

Do you have any questions? We are happy to show you the possibilities online.